Baran Małgorzata, Professor

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Head of Management Department at Collegium Civitas., professor of economics, specialising in management studies.

Her scientific interests include human capital management in organizations; specifically, age management as well as intergenerational cooperation. She is also the head of research teams that implement scientific and social projects in aforementioned areas. A specialist in the field of project management. Author of many research projects as well as educational and development projects, including those co-financed from the EU aid programs.

Her professional achievements include several dozen scientific publications in the field of human resource management, knowledge management as well as project management, both in national and foreign professional journals, including for example The Importance of Mentoring In Employee Work Engagement (International Journal of Contemporary Management, 2017), Project Orientation of Polish Universities (China-USA Business Review, 2015), Managing Employees of Different Generations in the Enterprise (Journal of Possitive Management, 2014). She is the author of books: “Determinants of the effectiveness of mentoring in an organization” (PWN, Warsaw 2018) and “Demand innovations: How contemporary innovations are created” (PARP, Warsaw 2012).

Prof. Baran is an accredited trainer of the European funds, mentor and advisor. For years, she has been involved in various initiatives created in order to support the development of entrepreneurship, regional development and higher education. Expert on project evaluation at the Ministry of Investment and Development and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as well as at the National Centre for Research and Development and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.