Klimkiewicz Sławomir, PhD

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Expert on international relations, public diplomacy   crises, conflict management and resolution and intercultural communication. Ph.D obtained at University of Warsaw for dissertation on Northern Ireland conflict. Diplomat with 40 years’   in   Polish diplomatic service. Director of the Department of Media and Cultural Coo-operation of MFA. Head of Polish missions in Paris, Caracas, Havana and Alger. Staff-member of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) with six years (1999-2005) field empiricism of OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Hercegovina. Several diplomatic missions implemented in conflicted Balkans areas. Appointed by Prime Minister of Poland as a member of Refugee Board. Extensive teaching experience; guest–lecturer at Helsinki, Glasgow, Belfast and Caracas University. Since 2008   with Collegium Civitas where teaches on public diplomacy and protocol, international relations and   intercultural management and communication. In his spare time practice sailing, swimming and nordic-walking. Devoted   to exotic cooking , modern painting and Art-Nouveau period.