Kozłowski Maciej, PhD

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Writer, journalist, diplomat, political émigré, prisoner of conscience. Born in Poland in 1943 Graduate as historian. Ph.D from Jagiellonian University. For many years  editor of the prestigious weekly Tygodnik Powszechny in Kraków. Author of numerous articles and books. Among them “Landscapes before the battle”   (historical essays   awarded by underground Solidarity Prize) “The forgotten War” ( Story of the Polish-Ukrainian War ( Book of the year award by weekly Polityka “ Poland the Story” “The Emissary Story of Jan Karski”. Since 1990 in the Polish Diplomatic service. Between 1990 – 1994 served as DCM, then Charge d’affairs of the Polish Embassy in Washington. Between 1999- 2003 ambassador of Poland in Israel. 2003- 2013 Director of Department and   ambassador at large for the Polish-Jewish relations in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Professor at the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. Lecturer in many Polish and foreign universities.


Graduate of Gdańsk University, postgraduate studies at Rutgers University. 1979 – 1989 active member of the Polish independent opposition, editor and publisher of several samizdat publications, i.a. managing editor of the “Political Review”. After the democratic transformation in Poland, joined ranks of the new Government (director general at the Office of the Council of Ministers, 1990 – 1993 director of the Government’s Press Office). 1996 – 2006 worked in banking and for the investment funds and various stock exchange companies. 2007 – 2016 governor of the Mazowsze Province. In 2014 his office was awarded by the Head of the Civil Service as the best civil service office in Poland.