Łużniak-Piecha Magdalena, PhD

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Magdalena Łużniak-Piecha is an Assistant Professor of Cross-Culture Psychology at the Collegium Civitas. Her research is focused on the performance effects of Diversity Management in organisations. This work appeared in a series of journal articles, book chapters, and one co-edited book. Her current research includes cross cultural studies on the psycho-social effects of the personality pathologies in work environment (psychopathic, narcissistic and histrionic managers). The research has a special focus on the organisational level of norms about work performance, social relations, and communication systems influencing psychological and physical health of employees.

She is a Fellow and former Management Board Member of the Polish Psychologists’ Association in UK and the CEO of the Institute of Cross-Cultural Social Practice in Poland. She is also Visiting Professor of BedsUniversity, UK, and Polish University Abroad, UK.