Pac Roland, PhD, MBA

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He also got International Business Management Certificate from The American University at Washington D.C  under 1,5 years Hubert. Humphrey Fellowship from US Department of Education (USAID)+US Security and Exchange – 6 month internship.

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor at Faculty of Management at Collegium Civitas.

Lectures at CC: Leadership in business organizations, Finance in Management, Corporate Finance, Behavioral and Managerial Economics and in Warsaw School of Economics – Investor Relations, Communication on Capital Markets.

Formerly Associate Professor at the Faculty of International Management at Warsaw School of Economics and Professor of International Finance Management at MBA Program University of Quebec/SGH.

His professional achievements include several scientific publications in the field of foreign investments, international financial management, Poland’s-Germany international trade relations and business process management/change.

He has strong business experience and background working for several years as Managing Director of Finance at mBank (Commerzbank Group) and BOŚ Bank, then as an Executive Bank Director at ING Bank (Netherland) He was also CFO at The Royal Bank of Scotland Europe Hub and International Airlines Group Europe Hub (UK) in Kraków. Vice-Prasident of FRoSTA AG, (Germany) and CEO of Europe GBS at COTY (US) and Akzo-Nobel (Netherlands).

Member of ABSL (The Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland) and US Alumni Association and Fulbright Association in Poland. He is also a Member of the Insitute of Apprenticeship &Technical Education, London (UK).