Piasecka Paulina, PhD

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Dr. Paulina Piasecka is an expert in the area of hybrid warfare and asymmetric threats. She is also interested in cybersecurity and information warfare. She is a former senior expert in the Counter-terrorism unit of the Ministry of Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland, and head of the unit for Non-Military Security (Department of Legal and Non-Military Affairs) at National Security Bureau, Poland. Dr. Piasecka was a participant of the US State Department “International Visitor Leadership Program” in the area of cybersecurity. She is the Director of the Terrorism Research Centre at Collegium Civitas, Head of Information Analysis Institute at Collegium Civitas, and a lecturer at Collegium Civitas. She is a co-author and editor of publications on cybersecurity, information analysis, and international terrorism and counterterrorism.