Richie Alexandra, Professor

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Professor Alexandra Richie is a historian specializing in Germany as well as Central and Eastern Europe and defense and security issues.  She wrote her doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford on The Political Manipulation of History in East and West Germany.

After graduating, she worked for the Boston Consulting Group (London) restructuring industries across Central and Eastern Europe before returning to Oxford as a Fellow of Wolfson College where she taught History and Political Philosophy. She is the author of Faust’s Metropolis: A History of Berlin which was named one of top ten books of the year by American Publisher’s Weekly, and Warsaw 1944 which won the Newsweek Teresa Torańska Prize for best non-fiction book of 2014 and the Kazimierz Moczarski Prize for Best History Book in Poland 2015. She has contributed to many articles, documentaries, radio and television programs.

She is a Presidential Counselor at the National World War II Museum, New Orleans, U.S.A. and a Governor of St Michael’s University School In Victoria, Canada.  She is Wladyslaw Bartoszewski Chair chair and she teaches History and International Studies at the Collegium Civitas.