Vashchyk Mariana, PhD

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Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor.

Specialist in the areas of Economics, Banking, Finance.

In research work, deals with issues related to the efficiency of the agribusiness enterprises credit supply, state regulations and the role of governmental support in facilitating access to external financial sources for agribusiness enterprises, also from the different countries’ perspective and sustainable development of rural areas.

Vice Dean for International Activity at the Faculty of Economics of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv, NULES of Ukraine), 2015-2016. Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Credit and Department of Banking at the Faculty of Economics, NULES of Ukraine, 2009-2016. Assistant to Rector for International Activity, NULES of Ukraine, 2010-2013.

Fellow under the Polish National Commission for UNESCO Scheme, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, 2014-2015. Scholar of ALRAKIS II Erasmus Mundus Action 2, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland, 2013-2014. Scholar of the Woskob International Research in Agriculture Professional Development Program, the Penn State University, USA, 2007.

Member of international project “Implementation of Basic and Advanced Scientific Methodologies in Agricultural Master and PhD curricula” Tempus IMBASMA  JEP_27136_2006, Bioscience Engineering Faculty, Ghent University, Belgium, 2008. Member of bilateral research project “Modelling of efficient financial system for agriculture”, funded by the Slovenian and Ukrainian Research and Development Agency as a bilateral research project of scientific and technical cooperation, 2013-2014.