Zarzycki Roland, PhD, PhD

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Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at Collegium Civitas, PhD in mathematics, PhD in humanities. Researcher, academic teacher, speaker at international conferences, research and social projects manager/coordinator. Collaborates internationally on political issues related to sustainable & participative cultural policies, sustainable economic frameworks and development aid. Since 2013 member of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists in Wrocław.

Former member of the Polish National Council for the Development of Social Economy at the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Affairs. Member of the Sectoral Council for Competence of the Marketing Communication Sector at the Ministry of Development. In 2010-2011 co-authored Wrocław’s successful bid for the title of European Capital of Culture 2016, a project abandoned by the municipality of Wroclaw. Contributed to the successful bid of Timișoara for the title of European Capital of Culture 2021. Co-founded PANATO co-op, ScienceBioTech start-up, and other grass-root social & business initiatives.

Co-authored and coordinated numerous social, cultural, and educational projects. Interested in social and political economy, critical political thinking and the role of fantasy and ideology in everyday life. Publicist, activist, vegetarian.