International relations and diplomacy

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If you want a successful professional career in an international environment, you will need an insight in intercultural relations as well as specialist knowledge in the field of international relations. The programme offers classes in cybersecurity, negotiation and international business, European integration, intercultural relations, diplomatic law, consular law, international and EU law, communication and negotiation techniques, project management in diplomacy, and national brand promotion.


Key points:

  • Practitioners of diplomacy and international relations impart the highest level of profesionalism and detailed knowledge to students. They include former and current Polish ambassadors, as well as advisers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Paweł Dobrowolski, Prof. M. Krzysztof Byrski, Dr Maciej Kozłowski, Dr Wiktor Ross, Dr Tadeusz Diem, Dr Sławomir Klimkiewicz, Amb. Grzegorz Dziemidowicz, Amb. Henryk Lipszyc, and Paweł Potoroczyn.
  • Lecturers include not only economists and researchers specializing in European, Asian and American studies, but also specialists with a wealth of experience in international organizations: Leszek Jesień, Prof. Waldemar J. Dziak, Prof. Tomasz Stryjek, Prof. Marek Cichocki, Prof. Bohdan Szklarski, Dr Kerry Longhurst, Dr Julian Pańków, Dr Rafał Trzaskowski, Dr Łukasz Tolak, Dr Marcin Gajek, Dr Tomasz Płudowski, and Dr Piotr Łaciński.
  • Our degrees in the field of diplomacy prepare students for employment in the Foreign Service, EU administrative structures, municipal bodies, NGOs, international business organizations, and corporations.
  • Studies combine theoretical knowledge with practical expertise—the programme has been designed to meet the needs of the labour market.






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