New media and journalism

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The degrees in New Media and Journalism offers diverse opportunities for career development in the media industry and PR. Students hone their journalistic skills, edit texts, create multimedia materials and learn about editorial work from the inside. We educate high-class specialists in diverse fields: reportage, image and sound editing; Internet journalism; Internet marketing; persuasive strategies; e-commerce; and strategic planning.


Key points:

  • The best practical course according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Competition for one million)
  • Lecturers for this course comprise outstanding media experts, as well as well-known journalists and columnists: Jacek Żakowski (2015 Superwiktora laureate), Konrad Piasecki (2015 Grand Press laureate), Wojciech Orliński, Edwin Bendyk, Karolina Lewicka, Grzegorz Rzeczkowski, Roman Kurkiewicz, Michał Komar, Rafał Woś, Juliusz Braun, Krzysztof Komar, Michał Broniatowski, Marcin Łukawski, Wojciech Maziarski, Joanna Szczęsna, Weronika Kostyrko, Barbara Hrybacz, Robert Bogdański, Robert Kozak, Grzegorz Lindenberg, Agnieszka Biernacka-Szpunar (MBA), Lisa Marie Bochneak (MBA).
  • We offer student internships in the editorial offices of national newspapers, weeklies, television and radio, as well as lifestyle, film and sports magazines.
  • Small class sizes—about 20 per group.
  • We offer extensive workshop activities : press workshops, radio workshops, and television workshops.


We teach general academic subjects covering elements of sociology, theories of media and communication, press law and the protection of intellectual property, media ethics, public debate and knowledge about modern society, ideas shaping society, and additional optional activities tailored to the professional needs and interests of students.








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