90% satisfied with their studies. Results of the Collegium Civitas student satisfaction survey 2022

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Like every year, the Centre for Strategic Analysis at Collegium Civitas presented the results of surveys evaluating, among others, the Students’ level of satisfaction with studying, satisfaction with distance learning, and the sense of pride in belonging to the CC academic community.

Once again, the results of the survey demonstrate that the University cares about the quality of education, interesting courses, openness and availability of lecturers, and professional administrative services. Nearly 90% of students are satisfied with studying at Collegium Civitas and are willing to recommend the university to others (89.4%).

As many as 92.6% of students believe that their voice is important for the University, and studying at our University is a source of pride for over 90% of respondents (“definitely yes” and “probably yes”).

Satisfaction with remote learning at Collegium Civitas has been surveyed as well since 2020. Like last year, 92.5% of those surveyed had a positive opinion about this method of teaching. Importantly, 95% of young people positively assessed the preparation of lecturers to conduct classes using e-learning methods.

The satisfaction survey was a quantitative study and was conducted using the CAWI technique and a survey tool hosted on the Virtual University web platform.