Collegium Civitas at APAIE 2022

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APAIE is a prestigious international conference bringing together thousands of professionals in the field of international education. The 2022 edition will be held between March 27 and March 30 on-site in Vancouver and simultaneously online. The programme features two presentations by Collegium Civitas Vice-Rectors: Dr Katarzyna Maniszewska and Dr Roland Zarzycki. The main theme of the conference is: Brave New Realities for Higher Education in the Asia Pacific.

“We are happy that our abstracts have been chosen by the conference leadership. At Collegium Civitas we have been developing dynamically our international outlook and the presence at APAIE will give us yet another platform to share our ideas and experience in internationalization.” – says Dr Maniszewska, the Vice-Rector for International Relations.

“More and more of our students come from the Asia Pacific, we venture into new partnerships with universities from the region. The presence at APAIE is a natural path for us to follow” – adds Dr Zarzycki, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

Dr Roland Zarzycki who holds two Ph.D. titles in philosophy and mathematics will focus in his presentation during APAIE on “International Education and SDGs in the Light of Transforming Attitudes.”

“Despite global efforts to achieve the SDGs, our development remains unsustainable in many dimensions. Numerous reports attempt to establish the reasons for the shortages. Research carried out in Poland seems to indicate that the main factor behind insufficient pro-ecological mobilization is insufficient knowledge. At the same time, there are official ongoing deliberations on environmental education at an academic level.” – says Dr Zarzycki. “Taking into account global perspective, in my presentation I would like to argue that not knowledge but shaping attitudes and dismantling false rationalizations are the two factors of key importance for a successful green change.” – explains Dr Zarzycki.

Dr Katarzyna Maniszewska who is an expert in security issues will present at APAIE 2022 the topic “All for Peace. International Learning Communities and SDG-16”.

“In the era of globalization and interconnectivity emerging security threats radiate to the whole world. The role of higher education as a peacebuilding tool is perhaps more important than ever. “ – says Dr Maniszewska. “In my opinion, education, including media literacy is a crucial element of countering violent extremisms, complementary to military and intelligence actions. I believe that SDG-16 can be one of the strategic goals for Higher Education Institutions and that universities can be an invaluable ally for the UN and governments worldwide in implementing SDG-16.” – adds Dr Maniszewska.

Collegium Civitas is one of the leaders in internationalization with a variety of master’s and bachelor’s degree programmes in English, international faculty and students from approx. 70 countries, numerous projects and over 100 partner universities from around the world. Collegium Civitas is a member of the International Association of Universities.

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