Data Analytics, Big Data and Coding

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The admissions to our programmes in English for the academic year 2021/22 are open. Among  the brand new programmes at Collegium Civitas is Data Analytics, Big Data and Coding. This innovative bachelor’s degree programme  offers a unique set of competences combining management with knowledge of IT tools crucial for the functioning of the organization in the era of Industry 4.0. A programme designed to address the interests of the students and the needs of the job market.

The implementation of the ideas that made up the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has put the modern economy on the path towards the widespread use of information and communication technologies. The “Data analytics, big data and coding” specialization conducted as part of the Management study programme is a way to meet market expectations. Students of this programme get the opportunity to acquire a unique set of competences combining the skills of managing organizations (including enterprises) with knowledge of IT tools crucial for the functioning of the organization in the era of Industry 4.0 (and the skills of their practical use).

What is unique about this specialization is that most classes are done on computers and are practical. During the course, students will, among others, explore the ins and outs of Excel (with VBA elements), learn the basics of “Big Data” and “Data Mining” analysis, learn how to operate in an R development environment, and use SQL to work with databases. These courses will also be complemented by the introduction of students to machine learning and neural networks, as well as methods of data presentation and visualization. An additional advantage of the specialty is the emphasis on the ability to manage the most important resource today: information. Classes on “Introduction to information analysis” and “Information management in the organization” will provide an opportunity to get familiar with this issue.

Choosing the “Data Analytics, Big Data and Coding” specialization as part of the “Management” programme is an excellent decision also because of the people who create this programme and specialization: most lecturers are practitioners from the market, whose second passion is to pass on their experience to those wishing to gain skills in the field of broadly understood data analytics and use it in management. An additional advantage of pursuing specializations and programmes in management is the possibility of joining a student group “Collegium Procuratio”, where you can have a good time and  gain additional knowledge and skills.

Graduates of the programme in the specialization “Data analytics, big data and coding” can expect a thorough strengthening of their cognitive competences, in particular: critical thinking, solving complex problems and cognitive flexibility. The technical competences block will be equally strongly developed, in particular as regards basic and advanced digital skills and a creative and critical choice of measures (tools – including IT) necessary for the effective implementation of a specific action. We will also take care of social competences – the ability to cooperate with others is, after all, one of the key competences for management!

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