Erasmus+: “Problem Solving & Decision Making” training

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On July 11-15 Collegium Civitas Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dr Dr Roland Zarzycki took part in the “Problem Solving & Decision Making” masterclass course, which was carried out in Palermo (Italy) within the Erasmus + mobility framework.  Apart from the great opportunity to improve competences important both in teaching and administrative work, the training was a chance to exchange experiences and establish contacts with educators from other countries.

It was also particularly important as Dr Dr Zarzycki runs his own course in “Critical thinking” at Collegium Civitas, where the ability to solve problems and make accurate decisions are key areas of interest. Critical thinking itself is not only a highly important skill that everyone should develop, but also one of the most desirable competences on the contemporary labour market.

The leading trainer during the masterclass carried out in Palermo was Angela Winstanley, a Degree level qualified Operations Manager, with more than 20 years of experience in managing teams and operations, trained safety and risk manager, quality audit manager as well as Principal Trainer.

As Dr Dr Zarzycki emphasizes, “Erasmus + is a fantastic program that has been connecting academics, specialists and practitioners for many years, giving a priceless opportunity to exchange experiences internationally and broaden individual horizons of all participants. On the other hand, the mere openness to the Other and the ability to perceive reality in many and diverse ways is an indispensable foundation of every act of critical thinking. Thus, it seems like Erasmus + mobility is a programme tailor-made for critical thinkers.”