Farewell to Professor Hanna Palska

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It is with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of Professor Hanna Palska, our dear friend and longtime lecturer at Collegium Civitas, Vice-Rector of Collegium Civitas for Student Affairs in the years 2003-2010, sociologist of culture, member of the Edmund Wnuk-Lipiński Institute of Sociology at Collegium Civitas.

In her scientific work, Prof. Hanna Palska dealt with lifestyles, cultural aspects of the social structure and the diversity of Polish society, social mobility, cultural and psychosocial effects of promotion and degradation, poverty, unemployment and the sociology of emotions. She also specialized in the field of non-survey research techniques and research on intelligence and everyday culture. She was an expert in the field of social research methodology and qualitative research methods in sociology.

Member of the Steering Committee of the European ESF network “EUROQUAL” – Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences and of the Committee for Foreign Cooperation of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2006-2010). Manager of the grant “Archives of qualitative data at IFiS PAN” awarded by NCRH. Promoter of many master’s and bachelor’s theses, as well as highly valued doctoral dissertations.

Author of dozens of articles, papers, reviews published in academic journals, as well as many book publications, incl. „Bieda i dostatek. O nowych stylach życia w Polsce końca lat dziewięćdziesiątych”(2003), „Biografia społecznikowska” (2004), „Badania nad stylami życia. Z przeszłych i obecnych badań terenowych” (2009), „Socjologia i Siciński. Style życia. Społeczeństwo obywatelskie. Studia nad przyszłością” (2009), „Zaproszenie do socjologii emocji” (2009), „Emocje a kultura i życie społeczne” (2009), „Inteligencja w stalinizmie” (2010), „Ideologia komunistyczna a problem inteligencji” (2011) and other.

We express our sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

Rector, President, Senate, Colleagues and Students of Collegium Civitas