Farewell to Zofia Telakowska

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It is with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of Zofia Telakowska, our dear friend and longtime lecturer at Collegium Civitas, renowned international expert in management. R.I.P.

Statement of the Rector of Collegium Civitas

Suddenly the news came about the departure of Zosia Telakowska. It was so unexpected, because Zosia never lacked vitality and she successfully shared her energy with others, also with friends at our University.

We have been together at Collegium Civitas for over a dozen years and during this time, Zosia’s activity ran in two spheres.

The first was her didactic activity, in which she used her extensive Australian and Polish business experience, teaching students in an interactive form modern management methods, strategic development and organizational culture. She was a co-creator of the Management department at Collegium Civitas and led specializations, mainly in English. She was fully involved in the classes and demanded the same from her students. She ‘activated’ them, demanding a lot from them, but also treating students as partners, explaining many times that only such an attitude, responsibility and competence will allow them to occupy a high position in the world of business and management in the future.

The second area of ​​Zosia’s activities was advising and training us, the management of Collegium Civitas, in the field of strategic matters, and initially, many years ago, both in constructing the University’s strategy, as well as in its operationalization and consistent implementation. Thanks to Zosia  we were fully prepared, when creating university strategies became a formal obligation for higher education institutions. It was Zosia who convinced us that periodical surveys and research about CC and the establishment of the Strategic Analysis Center were necessary. It was done in a similar way as with the students – in the spirit of responsibility and long-term thinking, above all, about the quality of all aspects of our university: administrative and organizational services and a high level of education. And also building a brand based on trust and good reputation, resulting from the principles of effectiveness and organizational culture that are put into practice.

Zofia, we thank you for all this, we will remember you.


Prof. Stanisław Mocek Rector of Collegium Civitas

on behalf of colleagues from the Rector’s Teams since 2009 and the student community of Collegium Civitas