Inauguration of the 2022/2023 academic year

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The inauguration of the 2022/2023 academic year at Collegium Civitas took place on October 3 at 6.00 p.m., in the Concert Hall of the 6th Floor Theater (Palace of Culture and Science).

This unique, 25th inauguration of the academic year at Collegium Civitas was led by Monika Adamska and Conrado Moreno, who studied at Collegium Civitas in the field of International Relations. The ceremony began with the memories of studying by our graduates – Aleksandra Gajewska, Nel Gwiazdowska, Ewelina Kluss and Hubert Życiński. They spoke not only about the inspiring classes and the experts who conducted them, about the competences acquired during their studies and currently used in their professional work, but also about the support they received from the University itself or from well-known and respected professors.

The jubilee inauguration was attended by numerous representatives of diplomatic, scientific and educational institutions, Rectors, Vice-Rectors and Deans of Polish universities.

The first speaker was the President of the Capital City of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, who has also been a lecturer at our University since 2002.

His Magnificence Rector, prof. dr hab. Stanisław Mocek summed up the passing 25 years, emphasizing that Collegium Civitas differs significantly from other universities operating both many years ago and those operating today. “Our distinguishing features were and are not only efficient operation, but also a system of values, close to both the University Authorities and the community we create with Students, our Lecturers, Seniors and Children, because Collegium Civitas is a multigenerational university”. Referring to the titles of books published by Collegium Civitas for the 15th and 25th anniversary of the University, he emphasized that “We CAN and it is WORTH – it is an expression of ideas that we instill in the members of our community, but we also learn them in our daily activities”.

The Rector also presented numerous achievements of the University in various areas of activity and talked about plans for the next academic year. Among the speakers was also editor Jacek Żakowski, head of the Department of Journalism and New Media, who in 2019, together with a group of the most outstanding Polish scientists dealing with social sciences at the world’s best universities, launched an initiative called Concilium Civitas. Mr. Żakowski spoke about the activities of Concilium Civitas and presented the symbolic Collegium Civitas student index to the laureate of the national competition for the essay “War, after the war: our other world” – high school graduate, Ms. Emilia Błażewicz.

On behalf of the Students of Collegium Civitas, Ms. Alina Palamarchuk, Chairwoman of the Student Council of CC took the floor. She emphasized how much the University community is happy “that we can celebrate the quarter-century Collegium Civitas TOGETHER! With a full international team, with our friends from Ukraine, fleeing the terrible war, the consequences of which are felt today by each of us, supporting Ukrainian youth and launching – as the first university in Poland – a one-year bridge program in Ukrainian”.

Prizes and awards

Traditionally, during the Inauguration, distinctions and awards for outstanding scientific and publishing achievements, awards and educational distinctions, statuettes for active participation in the life of the University and diplomas for graduating with an excellent result were presented.

Scientific awards for the 25th anniversary of Collegium Civitas, presented by the Vice-Rector for Research, Dr. Katarzyna Iwińska, were awarded to:

  • Dr. Marta Sałkowska – Rector’s award for scientific, publishing, project and dissemination activity in sociological sciences in 2021;
  • Dr. Kerry Longhurst – Rector’s special award for his contribution to the development of political science and administration, including the past evaluation period;
  • Małgorzata Budyta-Budzyńska, Rector’s special award for contribution to the development of sociological sciences, taking into account the past evaluation period;
  • Dr. Magdalena El-Ghamari – the Rector’s award for scientific, publishing, project and dissemination activity in politics and administration in 2021.

Heads of Departments received the special Rector’s Awards for the 25th anniversary of Collegium Civitas, awarded for teaching activities and contribution to the development of a given field of study. They were presented by the Vice-Rector for Didactics, Dr. Dr. Roland Zarzycki. Vice-Rector Zarzycki also presented the Collegium Civitas Rector’s Awards for teaching achievements in 2021/22. They were received by:

  • Prof. Małgorzata Baran – Rector’s award for effective management of the preparation of the Management course for Polish Accreditation Committee evaluation, creation and effective management of a new master’s specialization “Project and Process Management” in two language versions, as well as development and effective management of an international project on staff development and education in the field of Management;
  • Dr. Marta Sałkowska – the Rector’s award for innovative teaching, both in terms of technology and content, as well as extraordinary didactic initiatives and outstanding supervisor supervision;
  • Karolina Lewicka – the Rector’s award for exceptional teaching commitment, professional passion that she can share with students, for diligence, responsibility and constant willingness to take on new challenges at Collegium Civitas.

The Rector’s Award for the highest average grade in student surveys: 99.28 (criteria: cut average of student grades; minimum 4 subjects conducted in the 2021/22 season) was awarded to Michał Zeprzałka. Awards in this category were awarded to Marcin Olkowicz (average: 98.51) and Marcin Łukawski (average: 98.47).

Students who actively work for the university were also awarded. This year, the statuettes – CIVITAS, which were presented by the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Paweł Maranowski, were awarded in 7 categories:

  • Artistic Soul: Mariusz Białkowski;
  • Born Olympian: Aleksandra Jeglińska;
  • Soul of the Community: Stefan Michałowicz;
  • Student Activist: Alina Palamarchuk;
  • A helping hand: Alina Palamarchuk;
  • Scientific talent: Marta Solarz;
  • Student Initiative: Buddy Program Collegium Civitas.

During the Inauguration, the graduates of Collegium Civitas who completed their studies with an excellent grade were also awarded:

  • Barbara Bralewska-Beczek, a graduate of International Relations;
  • Maia Cygielska, a graduate of International Relations;
  • Sandra Dalkowska, a graduate of Management;
  • Ewa Garbowska, a graduate of Sociology;
  • Anna Jopek, a graduate of Sociology;
  • Zuzanna Jąkalska, a graduate of Sociology;
  • Piotr Kołodziej, a graduate of International Relations;
  • Jakub Mastek, a graduate of International Relations;
  • Dominika Pacholska, a graduate of International Relations;
  • Phuong Pham Thu, a graduate of Management;
  • Shakhlokhon Rakhmatova, a graduate of International Relations;
  • Damian Sikorski, a graduate of Management;
  • Hanna Skuratovich, a graduate of International Relations;
  • Konrad Jóźwiak, a graduate of Management.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, employees and administrative employees of Collegium Civitas received special awards. The statuettes were given to people with the longest professional experience at our University: Mariola Skorupa, Anna Kicińska, Beata Rembecka, Małgorzata Sieradzka, Małgorzata Sypniewska, Paweł Zreda, Małgorzata Sobańska, Anna Wyrzykowska and Marek Gawron. Magdalena Wypych, the Chancellor, was also among the longest-serving employees at Collegium Civitas, who received a statuette from the hands of the Rector, prof. Stanisław Mock.

In gratitude for creating and contributing to the development of such an extraordinary place, tolerant of different cultures, beliefs and personalities, where everyone has the opportunity to make an intellectual journey and pursue their passions, a special award, called by students “WNUK”, was awarded to prof. dr hab. Jadwiga Koralewicz – co-founder and first Rector of Collegium Civitas, currently the President of the University.

During the ceremony, prof. Stanisław Mocek received the diploma and award “Friendly Workplace 2022”, a prestigious award of the editorial staff of MarkaPracatoró for companies that can boast a modern approach in the area of ​​personnel policy and employee development. Collegium Civitas is the first university in Poland to receive such an award!

The Rector also received w unique gift – a sports jersey No. 1 – from the representatives of AZS CC (the sports club of our University) – as a sign of gratitude for the support of the sportsmen and sportswomen at Collegium Civitas.

After the ceremonial matriculation, performance by the choir of “Gaudeamus Igitur” and the official opening of the academic year 2022/2023, the inaugural lecture “On Wisdom” was delivered by Prof. Tadeusz Gadacz, an outstanding philosopher and religious scholar, who has been a lecturer at Collegium Civitas since 1997.

At the ceremony artistic performances were held – sand drawing showing elements of the history of Collegium Civitas performed by Magdalena Suszek-Bąk and a mini concert by the Glass Duo musicians.

The photos from the ceremony were taken by Karolina Kurek-Suwała, a graduate of Collegium Civitas.