New publication by Dr El Ghamari

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Palgrave Macmillan has published a book “Conflict and Post-Conflict Governance in the Middle East and Africa,” which includes a chapter written by Dr Magdalena El Ghamari, Collegium Civitas lecturer specializing in the analyses of the relationship between socio-religious and political factors, as well as policymakers. Dr El Ghamari focuses her work on the field of peacekeeping and conflicts in the MENA region.

The chapter “European Union Activities in Libyan Post-revolution Environment: The Triad—Migration, Security, and EU Special Agencies” looks at the activities of the European Union and relations between the European Union and post-revolutionary Libya. Libya has an interesting and complicated history – from gaining its independence from Italy in 1947, having a constitutional and hereditary monarchy under King Indris, later going through Al Fateh Revolution and Muammar Gaddafi dictatorship between 1951 and 2011, experiencing the Arab Spring in 2011, which became a civil war between forces loyal to Gaddafi and those opposing him and then going into post-Gaddafi era. After all the events, the country’s transition is still incomplete, if not failing – domestic threats, immigration, proxy conflicts, and constant struggles for power still destabilize the country.

More information about the chapter European Union Activities in Libyan Post-revolution Environment: The Triad – Migration, Security, and EU Special Agencies: