New scientific journal by Internal Security Agency

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Dr. Paulina Piasecka, Director of the Terrorism Research Center (TRC), was appointed as a member of the Scientific Board of the semi-annual journal “Terrorism – studies, analyzes, prevention,” published by the Polish Internal Security Agency. Dr. Katarzyna Maniszewska, TRC expert and Vice-Rector for International Relations, is among the scientific reviewers of the journal. Dr. Piasecka and Dr. Maniszewska are co-heading the master’s degree program in International Security Studies at Collegium Civitas.

“The periodical ‘Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention’ is intended as a platform for exchanging scientific thought and experience. It brings together the academic world and representatives of institutions and services that for over 15 years have been working together under the Interministerial Team for Terrorist Threats, which is the coordination centre of the anti-terrorist system of the Republic of Poland.” – writes in the foreword to the first issue of the journal col. Krzysztof Wacławek, Head of the Internal Security Agency.

Dr. Damian Szlachter, the Editor in Chief of the journal writes in the opening word: “Topics covered will include: legal and organizational aspects of increasing the effectiveness of anti-terrorist systems, ways to build resistance to terrorist attacks, new technologies as tools in the hands of terrorists, historical issues related to terrorism and their translation into contemporary reality, educational activities for anti-terrorist security conducted in different social groups. Foreign affiliation of some of the members of the scientific board, reviewers and authors, as well as English-language translation of the journal will allow it to reach a wider audience.”

The journal is distributed free of charge, among others, to state administration bodies, libraries of training centers of state institutions, and universities, which conduct research and teaching in fields related to security. Its online version is available in PDF format, English translation from p. 253: