Our Brand is Crisis: American Downfalls, Hopes and Perspectives

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October 19-21 the annual conference of the Polish Association for American Studies (PAAS 2022) was held and hosted by the Department of British and American Studies, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. The focus of PAAS 2022 was inquiry into American crises past and present. Dr Katarzyna Maniszewska from Collegium Civitas participated in the conference.

Dr Maniszewska presented a paper “From Peaceful Protests to Radicalization at High Speed” in which she argued that the process of radicalization (within the spectrum of protest movements) can be broken down into three main steps, which can be identified not only in the US but also during turbulent events in recent history regardless of the country and ideology that drives the protesters. Each stage is more violent and inversely proportional to the widespread support; that is, with each successive stage, the support from the public declines.

We invite you to look at the book of abstracts from the PAAS 2022 conference: