Poland – Heart of Europe

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Poland is a vibrant country that can surprise with its diversity. Western and Eastern cultures collide here, creating a unique atmosphere. This country has everything – sea, lakes, forests and mountains. Polish nature, history, culture and people inspire and impress every visitor. Use the time of your studies in Poland to  discover the heart of Europe! We present a few ideas – what to visit while in Poland.


Do you like mysterious and magical places? Maybe you want to feel the atmosphere of ancient times? If you have the spirit of an explorer, you have to discover Kaszuby. Deep in the Polish forest, you can find curious stone circles that are the silent guardians of ancient secrets. The areas of today’s Kaszuby were once inhabited by peoples from Scandinavia – Goths and Gepids. The stone circles are witnesses to this history. Most likely, those circles were the meeting places of the tribal elders where magical rituals were performed. Called the “Polish Stonehenge”, this patrimony of the Iron Age is shrouded in legends. Discovering these places is also a great opportunity to commune with nature during a bicycle trip. The area of the “Stone Circles” reserve includes ten objects of this type and twenty-nine kurgans (tumulus). The most famous stone circles in Odry and Węsiory are connected by a one-day bike ride along forest roads and paths.

More information: https://feed.jeronimomartins.com/circle/secrets-of-the-stone-circles


This unique historical monument, called the Polish Pompeii, is the door to the Bronze, Iron and Middle Ages. Biskupin (central Poland) is considered the most important archaeological reserve in our country. This amazing settlement is located on the peninsula of Lake Biskupińskie. The remains of this fortified settlement were hidden underwater for ages but are amazingly well preserved.  While visiting the settlement, you will not only learn a lot of interesting things about the life of the people of that time, but you will travel in time and feel the spirit of  an extraordinary Slavic culture. Many great events take place here, such as historical reconstructions, knight duels, festivities, archaeological shows and much more. You can also admire the Slavonic-Viking ship replica. What’s more, demonstrations of experimental archaeology are organized in the Biskupin reserve.  The archaeologists from the Museum present ancient and medieval crafts, incl. minting coins, weaving, pottery, dyeing and many more. You can see life in the Mesolithic hunter camp, selected aspects of the life of an early medieval village.

More information: www.biskupin.pl


Kraków is a unique, magical city full of amazing stories. It is hard to describe this place in one sentence.  It is where the huge castle complex is situated, which was the seat of the great kings of Poland. Located on  a hill Wawel, the complex of historical monuments delights and amazes people from all over the world for centuries.  Cracow Historic Centre is one of the first sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The complex consists of many structures from different periods (medieval, renaissance and baroque), which makes it a unique, breath-taking monument of European architecture and Polish history. Just listen, and you can hear the whispers of the old days. Wonderful interiors, absorbing exhibitions, shows, beautiful gardens, fascinating stories and the beauty of artistic craftsmanship are just a few of the advantages of Wawel. Go on an extraordinary journey into the past, discover mysterious places, admire the beauty of architecture and listen to fascinating stories.  This trip is a must!

More information: https://wawel.krakow.pl/en


The Książ castle complex is one of the largest castles in Poland. Its construction began in the 13th century and was built over many centuries – you can see the influences of the late Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Enlightenment Classicism, as well as elements of the 20th century art. The castle in Książ delights with its monumentality, aesthetic, diversity, rich ornamentation and ingenuity of builders from different ages.  The Książ palace complex is surrounded by eleven terraces filled with fantastic gardens, which are a masterpiece of landscape architecture. The castle was the property of Polish, Czech, Hungarian and German kings and princes. It also changed its character many times – from a stronghold, through a fortress, to a priceless tourist monument, unique in Europe. If you want to experience something magical, learn about the story of this extraordinary place and have a great time, visit the Książ Castle! This place has accommodation and restaurant facilities. Książ also offers attractions such as Night Tours with Ghosts or even the Festival of Mysteries.

More information: www.ksiaz.walbrzych.pl/en/turystyka/zamek


The Palace in Kozłówka is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Poland. It is located near Lublin, and every year it hosts thousands of tourists, both from Poland and abroad. It was built around 1742 for the Bieliński family, and in 1799 it became the property of the Zamoyski family. The panache with which the entire palace, gardens complex and interiors have been arranged is breath-taking. Glamour, wealth, elaborate baroque decorations, numerous monuments and masterpieces of art decorating the palace rooms – these are just some of the advantages that make it necessary to see this extraordinary place. Konstanty Zamoyski, one of the palace owners, wanted to create a dream residence here. That is why he ordered art pieces from the best artists, brought in the best architects, painters, sculptors, gardeners and even engineers who, following the innovations, installed a water and sewage system so that it was possible to use such a luxury as a bathroom. However, the most admirable is the artistic sense of Konstanty Zamoyski, who carefully took care of every detail of the interior design of the entire palace. Beautiful peacocks stroll slowly and dignifiedly in the gardens. Inside the palace you can admire about 1000 paintings created by great masters over the centuries (e.g. Titian and Van Dyck), oriental masterpieces of applied art brought, for example, from Japan. You can also admire a palace chapel decorated in the style of the one from Versailles and many other engineering and artistic solutions that delight with creativity and aesthetics on a global scale.

More information:  www.muzeumzamoyskich.pl


The Salt Mine in Wieliczka is one of the most interesting and famous sites in Poland. This Salt Mine is one of the 12 sites that were included the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites List (in 1978). The mine is a remnant of salt excavations at a depth of 64 to 327 meters. There are over 300 kilometres of pavements in it. The central part of the mine is the most historic. The mining of salt continued uninterruptedly from the Middle Ages to 1996. The underground chambers consist of, for instance, a sports hall, the monumental chapel of St. Kinga with beautiful bas-reliefs and richly decorated salt chandeliers, the chapel of St. Antoni and the chamber of Casimir the Great. The full-size figures made of salt or even a salt lake make a huge impression. There are many different events held underground in this historic Mine.

More information:  www.wieliczka-saltmine.com


By: Marcela Sieradzka