Polish-American Summer School 2023

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On Monday, June 5, the ninth edition of the Summer School “Security and Society in the Information Age” was launched at Collegium Civitas. This year our university is hosting 22 students from U.S. universities. The program combines the four-week intensive course on Central Europe & Security Issues with a two-week research internship with the Terrorism Research Center. Designed and launched jointly in 2015 by SRAS (USA) and Collegium Civitas, the summer school program addresses global issues from unique perspectives. The participants also learn about Poland’s rich history and culture.

On the first day, the 22 participants were welcomed by Dr. Katarzyna Maniszewska, Vice-Rector for International Relations and the Summer School Director, and Dr. Paulina Piasecka, Director of the Terrorism Research Center. The opening lecture, “Poland at a Glance – Brief History of Poland,” was conducted by Prof. Dariusz Stola, a renowned historian and former Director of the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The lecture was followed by a meeting with Mr. Mike Kiselycznyk, Political-Military Unit Chief at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw.

The students come from various American universities: Columbia University, Connecticut College, The Ohio State University, University of South Dakota, Southeastern Louisiana University, Portland State University, Miami University, Rutgers University, College of Charleston, Michigan State University, University of Washington, Texas A&M University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Seton Hall University, Minnesota State University, West Virginia University, University of Colorado Boulder.

“We are happy and proud to welcome our American friends to Collegium Civitas,” – says Dr. Katarzyna Maniszewska. “We hope that their stay in Poland will be both educational and fun and the students go back not only with a lot of new knowledge but also good memories,” – adds Dr. Maniszewska.

“The program is based in Warsaw, where the participants will be immersed in fascinating lectures and discussions on the challenges faced by the countries of Central Europe, NATO, and the European Union in the 21st Century. The course focuses on the regional and global implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine while exploring the many dimensions of security: war, international law and war, peacebuilding, hybrid threats, cybersecurity, terrorism, and more.” – explains Dr. Paulina Piasecka.

The American students will also have a chance to learn about Polish history and culture, participate in Polish language classes, and visit important museums and historical sites in Warsaw and Cracow. In addition, they will venture on a study tour to Berlin.

During the research internship, the students will focus on a research project, working with advisors and other program participants to finalize academic papers for publication in Security and Society in the Information Age, Volume 6.

Collegium Civitas is one of the leaders in the field of internationalization, with a large number of renowned and distinguished lecturers, students from 70 countries, numerous research projects, and a wide range of studies in English. With the growth of the Summer School program and enhanced cooperation with American scholars and students, Collegium Civitas continues to develop its international outlook further.

More information about “Security and Society in the Information Age”: https://securityandsociety.org