Security and Society in the Information Age. Vol. 3

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It is our pleasure to present the third scholarly volume bringing together a unique series of research papers by talented students – participants in the Summer School and the internship program at the Terrorism Research Center (TRC) at Collegium Civitas. The book “Security and Society in the Information Age. Vol. 3” has just been published and is avaliable online under Creative Commons license.

The Security and Society in the Information Age program is organized in Warsaw jointly by Collegium Civitas and SRAS (USA). It is composed of summer school courses, semester or academic year abroad opportunities as well as an optional internship. The courses are devoted to a wide range of historical and security issues – with the region of Central and Eastern Europe serving as a case study. The courses are taught in English by academic experts and practitioners. The program is aimed at ambitious students who are eager to engage in and out of the classroom and want to enhance their competencies and boost their academic and professional careers.

The internship program is organized by the Terrorism Research Center  – a leading think-tank and research unit within Collegium Civitas. The main fields of activity of TRC include scientific projects, analytical undertakings as well as raising awareness about security issues in society. TRC focuses on a wide range of security challenges surrounding international terrorism and how to combat it. During the internship, students deepen their knowledge on selected security issues and embark on their own research project, supervised by mentors who are experts at TRC.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, due to the pandemic, it was not possible for the students to physically come to Warsaw. Thus, for the first time, the program was held online. The students took part in a fully-fledged online course and an online research internship at the Terrorism Research Center.

The third volume of “Security and Society in the Information Age” presents the results of the internship program. The participants explored a variety of important security issues facing modern societies, including: terrorism, migration and disinformation, violent extremism and radicalization, border security, internet and security policies, intelligence analysis, cyber threats, biological and chemical warfare, and trade restrictions in 5G technology.

The contributions give an overview about selected, current challenges in today’s interconnected world. The authors also looked for solutions and included recommendations for law enforcement, policy makers and scholars.

The book can be downloaded in PDF format and is distributed under Creative Commons license:

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