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In the new section of our website, “Social Changes in Focus,” we publish expert opinions by Collegium Civitas faculty. The latest comments include: “To provide support for refugees with disabilities” by Dr Monika Nowicka.

“Almost 1,240,000 Ukrainian War Refugees (UWR) have been staying in Poland, and 85,000 in Romania (UNHCR). There is an urgent need to collect data and prepare guidelines for people who support Ukrainian War Refugees with Disabilities.” – writes Dr Nowicka who is the Head of the project “Undisabling the Refugee Flow. Increasing the Capacity of Polish and Romanian Stakeholders to Provide Support to Ukrainian Refugees with Disabilities in the Metropolitan Areas of Warsaw and Bucharest.”

The comment is available at:

Social Changes in Focus is a project by Collegium Civitas in cooperation with pro science. It aims at promoting science and expertise gathered by Collegium Civitas experts. It comprises a dedicated Twitter account where we publish research insights and comments on society, politics, and the new section of our website, “Social Changes in Focus.” Follow us at: