Social Changes in Focus: New comment by Dr Longhurst

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In the new section of our website, “Social Changes in Focus,” we publish expert opinions by Collegium Civitas faculty. The latest comments include: “The European Political Community: Building Block of a New European Order?” by Dr Kerry Longhurst.

“The European Political Community (EPC) was conceived in 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine. With 45 members, the EPC links EU and non-EU states with a view to deepen pan-European solidarity. The second EPC summit takes place in Moldova in June and will be an opportunity to verify if it is likely to become a building block of a new Europe or just a talking shop.” – writes Dr Longhurst.

The comment is available at:

Social Changes in Focus is a project by Collegium Civitas in cooperation with pro science. It aims at promoting science and expertise gathered by Collegium Civitas experts. It comprises a dedicated Twitter account where we publish research insights and comments on society, politics, and the new section of our website, “Social Changes in Focus.” Follow us at: