Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention

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The third issue of the biannual journal “Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention” published by the Polish Internal Security Agency is available online. Among the members of the Academic Editor Board of the journal is Dr Paulina Piasecka, Director of the Terrorism Research Center (TRC), and the reviewers team includes Dr Katarzyna Maniszewska, TRC expert and Vice-Rector for International Relations.

Dr Damian Szlachter, the Editor in Chief of the journal writes in the foreword:  “(…) In the 3rd issue of Terrorism – Studies, Analysis, Prevention (T-SAP), we publish a comprehensive article on what hard security design looks like in these types of facilities, what modern technical solutions are used for this purpose and how the immediate environment of protected facilities can be shaped to protect them from the effects of terrorist attacks using explosives or cars as battering rams. In addition, in the issue you will find articles on the legal aspects of the hijacking of a Polish plane in Belarus (flight no. FR 4978) in May 2021, the legal perspective of securing special conferences, events, celebrations and other events from terrorist activity, the correlation between psychoactive substance abuse and the process of radicalisation to terrorism, the determinants of the secret relations of the Soviet bloc secret services with international terrorists during the Cold War, as well as the second part of the case study of the perpetrator of the terrorist attacks on the Norwegian island of Utøya.(…)”

The issue includes also a review of a newly published book by Prof. Gilles Kepel “Chaos und Covid. Wie die Pandemie Nordafrika und den Nahen Osten verändert” where the French expert explains the development stages of jihadism and the innovative theory of „jihadism of atmosphere“.  The review was written by Dr Maniszewska.

The journal is distributed free of charge to state administration bodies, libraries of training centers of state institutions, and universities, which conduct research and teaching in fields related to security. Its online version is available in PDF format, in Polish and English version: https://www.ejournals.eu/Terroryzm