Building and developing intercultural competencies

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Event Date: 2022-11-28

Dear Students,

we invite you to participate in another intercultural workshop, this time the topic is:


Monday, November 28th, from 10:00 – 16:00 (6 hours with a 45-minute break)

  • The workshop will be held at the university (10th floor, room 1020);
  • The workshop will be conducted in English.

Short description of the workshop:  

The cultural competence workshop “Building and developing intercultural competencies” was conceived as a space to get to know each other as well as acquire new competences necessary for working at the crossroads of cultures and in diverse environments. Our main aim is to improve the competence of students to work together in culturally diverse environments so that they can operate more effectively and build positive intercultural relationships.  

Main themes:  

  • Intercultural contact  
  • Intercultural communication
  • The process of adaptation to a new culture
  • Stereotypes and prejudices as important factors affecting intercultural cooperation 

Brief information about our workshop leaders: 

Elżbieta Olczak – cross–cultural psychologist. She works as a trainer in the field of social skills, cultural awareness, antidiscrimination and global education since 2004. She worked for different non-governmental organizations, educational and international institutions, as well as for different groups of professionals in both, Polish and English language.  

Anna Szlękcross-cultural psychologist, trainer and educator. She works in the field of social skills, intercultural education and visual thinking. She provides workshops and trainings for youth, teachers and youth workers. 

Weronika Wardzyńska – Welcome Point specialist at Collegium Civitas, studied Cultural studies of Central and Eastern Europe and Russian and Ukrainian philology. 

Benefits of attending the workshop: 

  • you can learn and understand how culture influences behavior and communication;
  • you can learn about the different stages of the adaptation process, about culture shock, and get some tips on how to handle it well;
  • it can be valuable work experience in an international group;
  • there is a possibility to meet and integrate with your new colleagues;
  • you will receive certificates confirming participation in the workshop;
  • it’s a great opportunity to hang out together, laugh and eat cookies


Participation in the workshop is free, however, registration is mandatory.

Please sign up using the following link:

Applications are accepted until November 23, 2022, by 16:00