Collegium in the Studio / INAUGURATION / Summary of the election campaign to the Polish Parliament (the Sejm and Senate)

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Event Date: 2015-10-23

Collegium Civitas and Bar Studio have the pleasure to invite you to the first in a series of debates called Collegium in the Studio. The debate, summarizing the parliamentary election campaign, will take place on Friday, 23 October 2015 at 6pm and the chair will be Collegium’s own lecturer, Roman Kurkiewicz (host of Dwie prawdy [Two truths], TVN24)

The session will include the following experts from Collegium Civitas:

Prof. Stanisław Faliński – political scientist, historian, local government official, TV journalist, and documentary film-maker. He deals with, among others: decentralized public authorities and local governments in Poland and the European Union; local and regional politics; and the international activity of local governments. He is also a skier and cyclist.

Dr Sergiusz Trzeciak  – Political consultant, lawyer, expert on political marketing, personal branding and public relations.  He is a political commentator in national and foreign media. He also advises companies, political parties and public figures in the building of personal brands, the shaping of public image, public relations and public affairs.

Dr Marek Troszyński – Sociologist, graduate of history and sociology, director of the Digital Civilization Observatory at Collegium Civitas. He implements social research for local communities and NGOs.  Member of the Advisory Board to The Council to Counteract Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. Enjoys sailor, usually in the Arctic.

The debate will focus on good and bad aspects of the ongoing campaign as well as summarizing the debate of party leaders from the last week of the campaign.

Why Friday? First, if you are uncertain about whether to go to the  elections, why not make an informed decision before the mandatory election silence. Second, Bar Studio invites you to a party inaugurating the series of debates, Collegium in the Studio. The event will include a complimentary ‘welcome’ drink.

So, see you at Bar Studio! Defilad 1, PKiN (Palace of Culture and Science)