Effective internship and job search strategies

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Event Date: 2022-11-24

The webinar „Effective internship and job search strategies” in English is yet to come! We invite all English-speaking students to take part in this event.

If looking for a job or an internship is still a challenge, you think of making it more smooth and you want to achieve satisfactory results, the webinar “Effective internship and job search strategies” is what you need.

Mrs. Elżbieta Watemborska, a career counsellor from Career Center, will conduct the webinar in English.

The event will be held on 24.11.2022 (Thursday), from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

At the event you will:
  • find out effective job/internship search strategies;
  • get to know where to look for job offers adjusted to your needs;
  • learn how to conduct an effective online job search;
  • discover possibilities of the hidden job market;
  • learn how to avoid common mistakes and save your time on the job search;


Additionally, each participant of the webinar will have the opportunity to participate in an one2one meeting with a career counsellor and receive individual tips.

The link to the webinar has already been sent via email from the email address: centrum.karier@civitas.edu.pl. Check out your email box!

PS. We want to thank all participants of the webinar in Polish for your presence and commitment.
For those who missed it, you still have a chance to attend the webinar on Thursday!
See you soon at the webinar💥