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Event Date: 2018-11-15

Are we ready to achieve business targets while ensuring employees’ satisfaction? How do teams comprised of baby boomers, millennials, generation X,Y and Z change the functioning of the organisations? What are the ways of averting analogue technology crisis in the modern digitalised world?

“Future of Human Resources from the perspective of science and business” conference is organised by Collegium Civitas and University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw. The conference is going to take place on November 15th at 9:30 -17:00 in Dago Centrum Rondo 1 located at Rondo ONZ 1 street in Warsaw.  We have invited experts and practitioners from major companies and organisations to join the discussion on trends within the area of HR management and on ways to deliver substantive solutions for business development.

In a highly competitive economic market, motivation and psychological well-being of employees are becoming decisive factors in maintaining market position and continuous company growth. Despite constantly improving labour conditions, the quality of interpersonal relations often demands elaborated conflict resolving skills from managers. This has also been confirmed by European Working Conditions survey results which show that only 45% of Polish employees believe that they have career development opportunity, while only 11% of employees trust their employers enough to discuss problematic situations occurring at workplace.

Conference guests are going to discuss subjects related to quality improvement of HR services and to challenges faced by businesses that found itself in harsh and fast-paced labour market environment.

The conference is going to be attended by experts from business and academic environments. Business entrepreneur Prof. Andrzej Blikle who is going to share his insights on leadership in turquoise companies, will also speak about whether we are to enter into manager-free era. Zyta Machnicka on the behalf of Pracuj.pl platform is going to share solutions for cooperation management in teams members of which are a part of different age groups. Zbigniew Żurek, Vice-President at Business Centre Club is going to highlight recruitment related problems experienced by hiring employers and Prof. Marta Juchniewicz from SGH Warsaw School of Economics is going to present challenges faced by HR Management and outline priorities in short-term and long-term perspectives.

Full programme of the conference and registration details can be found on  https://konferencje.vizja.pl/przyszlosc-hr-2018#footer-wrapper


The conference is going to be held in Polish language.


More information:

tel.: 22 536 54 11

e-mail: konferencjaHR@vizja.pl


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