Meeting Gulliver Cragg, a foreign correspondent with France 24

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Event Date: 2017-04-07

Gulliver Cragg is an English journalist with lifelong ties to France. He joined France 24 when it launched in late 2006. After 3 years working in the Paris office, he became a correspondent in Warsaw, where he learned Polish and, among other things, covered the crash of the presidential plane in Smolensk in 2010.

In 2013, he went to Ukraine to cover the protests that had started on Maidan… and kept extending his stay as the protests dragged on, until eventually, he decided to decamp to Kyiv permanently. Gulliver has continued to cover both the war and political developments in Ukraine.

During his meeting with students, Gulliver will discuss his experience of covering the biggest conflict in Europe in two decades; why he became interested in Central Eastern Europe and how he would compare his reporting experiences in Poland, Ukraine and France, as well as their respective media markets, and what he really thinks about the media in Poland.

He will also present one or two of his TV reports and talk about how and why he made them. He will also answer any questions about his work and professional career.

The meeting with Gulliver will take place at 3 pm on Friday at the assembly hall C. It will be open to visitors.