Students from abroad in Poland. Legal issues

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Event Date: 2018-11-21

We cordially invite you to a meeting with lawyer Ms. Justyna Wróbel on the legal issues related to the stay of students from abroad in Poland. The meeting will be held in English
on 21 of November at 16:30 – 18:00, room 1222.

During the meeting the following issues will be discussed:

  • Rights and obligations of foreigners living in Poland, especially those with legal residence based on a visa or Residence Card
  • The possibility of applying for a temporary residence permit based on taking up or continuing studies in Poland
  • Job opportunities and legal employment conditions:
    • Issues regarding Polish labor and civil law contracts
    • The regulations and duration of the authorization procedure
    • Obtaining and usage of the necessary documents required for submission
    • Duration the permit is issued and when it can be withdrawn
    • Filling in the formal application
    • Deadlines during which the application should be supplemented
    • The deadlines and how they are counted
    • How to proceed in the event of obtaining a negative decision
    • Appeal procedure
    • Possibility of application for a temporary residence permit in turn based on being a graduate of a Polish university.
  • Issues regarding rental contracts for apartments (such as refusal to pay the deposit)
  • Exact provisions that should be included in them to secure their interests
  • Compilation of the contract in a language understandable to the foreigner
  • Issues regarding to health insurance

Students will receive practical tips on how to deal with issues related to the Polish immigration law.

Ms. Justyna Wróbel is a Polish lawyer specialized in immigration and commercial law. She deals with the affairs of foreign clients, including legalization of stay in Poland, acquisition of citizenship and cooperates with migrant NGOs in Poland. So far, she has participated in numerous trainings, conferences and formal panel debates in Poland, as well as in South Caucasus, Middle East and United Kingdom.