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Event Date: 2023-03-27

Collegium Civitas Welcome Point cordially invites students to the workshop “We want to save this (global) village – workshop about sustainable development” which will be held on March 27 at Collegium Civitas. Applications are accepted until March 23, 2023, by 16:00 at:

Short description of the workshop

Are we able to save this global village? Join us in the game and see what it means to make sustainable decisions.

The main objectives of the workshop are:

• introducing and explaining the idea of sustainable development;
• making the participants aware of the interdependence between the environment, the economy, and society;
• developing measures that foster sustainable development;
• presenting development indicators that reference the principles of sustainable development.

The workshop will be held on Monday, March 27 between 9-16 (7 hours with coffee and lunch breaks) at the university (12th floor, room 1222). It will be conducted in English. Participation is free, but as there is a limit of places the order of applications counts. Please, note that it  is possible to obtain justification for the absence in other standard classes if you need it.

The tools used for the workshop include:

• SmileUrbo game application – by using the role-playing methods, students will be able to experience, in person, challenges of group processes and to practice negotiation, networking, teamwork, and consensus building to solve the problem about sustainability.
• Participation in the workshop requires little preparation on the part of the students, brief role play materials will be sent by the trainer in advance by e-mail.

We kindly ask the participants to be on time  and report any delay to the workshop at least one day in advance. Please note that you cannot join the workshop at any time. We don’t want to disturb the group work process.  Participation in the workshop is free, however, registration is mandatory.  Please sign up using the following link:

Workshop leader

Katarzyna Iwińska, PhD – a sociologist by training, she is a graduate of the Graduate School of Social Research at the PAN Institute of Philosophy as well as the University of Warsaw’s Institute of Applied Social Sciences (ISNS). She is currently a lecturer at the Collegium Civitas Department of Sociology with a doctorate on the subjective actions of individuals. Having lectured at the Warsaw University of Technology Department of Environmental Engineering from 2003 to 2013, she has, since 2013, become Vice-Rector for Scientific Research at Collegium Civitas. She is interested in problems of mobilization of civil society, the activities of NGOs in Poland, research in local communities and sociological aspects of environmental protection.

The workshop is organised under the project “Kierunek? Polska!” („Direction? Poland!”) financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Welcome to Poland Programme. The project aims at a) building and expanding knowledge about certain aspects of life in Poland, exchange of experiences between participants, looking at different perspectives, solutions or views prevailing in other countries and cultures and b) integrating the student community and providing a platform for discussion on topics related to belonging to different cultures.

In case of any questions please feel free to contact the Welcome Point: