The OSCE role in Europe: A comprehensive approach to security

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Event Date: 2016-11-15

Nov 15th / Guest lecture by Teresa Cierco Gomes, University of Porto

Dear Students

Let me invite you to the guest lecture to be held by Collegium Civitas partner university lecturer:

Topic: The OSCE role in Europe: A comprehensive approach to security

Teresa Cierco Gomes

Department of History, Politics and International Studies; Faculty of Arts; University of Porto

Tuesday Nov 15th at 11:30 till 14:45 room 1222

Teresa Maria Resende Cierco Gomes, Assistant Professor of International Relations in the Department of History, Politics and International Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Porto.

She is Professor of Theories of International Relations, Geopolitics and Strategy, Introduction to International Studies, International Organizations, International Politics. Her research interests are the relationship between the EU and the Western Balkan countries, the democratization processes in these countries and the issue of migration and refugees.

Author of the following books: The Asylum Institution in the European Union. Coimbra: Almedina, 2010; and Refugee Concept and the asylum in the international Relations Perspective: the European Union case. Minho: University of Minho, 2002 (PhD Thesis). She has been editor of the book: “The European Union neighbourhood. Challenges and Opportunities”. London: Asghate, 2013; and editor of the Journal Revista Lusíada de Relações Internacionais from University Lusíada, especial issue of “Migrations and Minorities in Europe” (2007).

In the last four years, she has published several articles in leading journals such as: “Bridging the Gap: The Serbian Struggle for Good Governance”. Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe (JCCEE), August 2016; “The Security Sector Reform in Macedonia: An Externally Driven Process?”. Southeastern Europe, vol. 1, 25, 2016; “The European Union and the Member States: two different perceptions of border”. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional – RBPI, Vol. 59, issue 1 (co-author J. Tavares); “Police and Military forces in Timor-Leste: are they a source of peace or conflict?”. Portuguese Journal of Social Science, vol. 13, n.º 2, pp. 151-166; 2014; “EULEX’S Impact on the Rule of Law in Kosovo”. Revista de Ciência Política. Santiago do Chile. Vol. 34, n.º 3, 2014.; “Albania’s Difficult Path Towards Democracy”, in Canadian American Slavic Studies Journal. Vol. 48, Issue 4; 2013; “Civil Society in Macedonia’s Democratization Process”, in Journal of Contemporary European Studies. Vol. 21, Issue 2 (202-217), 2013; “Public Administration in Macedonia’s Democratization Process”, in Journal of Communist and Post-Communist Studies. Vol. 48, Issue 4, 2013; “European Union Security Policy in Macedonia. A Constructivist Approach”, in European Foreign Affairs Review. Vol. 18, Issue 3 (429-448), 2013.