Views on terrorism: The Psychology of Terrorism

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Event Date: 2018-05-25

The Centre for Research on Terrorism at Collegium Civitas in cooperation with the History Meeting House (Dom Spotkań z Historią) invite you to the seminar “The Psychology of Terrorism”, which will be held on 25 May at 6.00 pm at the History Meeting House.

The seminar is part of the interdisciplinary cycle “views on terrorism”, which aims to familiarize the history of terrorism and show its complexity from the perspective of various sciences: economics, political science, security sciences, media studies, literary studies, sociology and psychology. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss the evolution of terrorism and analogies between the events of the 20th century and contemporary challenges. The seminar on 25 May will tackle the psychological approach to terrorism.

Beliefs behind individuals joining terrorist organizations are diverse, but at the same time have common sources. Recognition of factors conducive to radicalization and recruitment is one of the most important tools for counteracting terrorist threats. This is increasingly important because contemporary Europe faces a threat from “religious fundamentalism” as well as “crimes of violence and hatred” (xenophobic and fascism groups). An additional important aspect is the analysis of individuals who, despite the lack of belonging to terrorist organizations, identify with and are inspired by them. Another group worth paying attention to comprises those who act with their own private motives. Therefore, it is justified to analyze the risk, taking into account personality traits, potential disorders, experiences and significant changes in behaviour.

The discussion on the psychological sources of terrorism will be attended by:

  • Mariola Wołoszyn, psychologist and lecturer at Collegium Civitas,
  • Dariusz Piotrowicz, a former police psychologist at the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters (2004-2010) and lecturer at SWPS University,
  • Andrzej Mroczek, an expert on terrorism at CBnT.

After the panel discussion, there will be plenty of time for questions from the audience.

The event will take place on 25 May (Friday) at 6.00 pm at the History Meeting House (Dom Spotkań z Historią) in Warsaw at 20 Karowa Street. Admission is free of charge. The organizers ask for confirmation of presence to be sent to

Please note that the event will be held in Polish.