Workshop: “Facing intersectional discrimination: towards multicultural models of resistance”

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Event Date: 2022-06-27

Welcome Point invites Collegium Civitas students to participate in the intercultural workshop: Facing intersectional discrimination: towards multicultural models of resistance. The workshop will be held on Monday, June 27 from 10:00 – 17:00 (7h with a 45-minute break) at the university (10th floor, room 1027).

The workshop will be conducted in English. Please, kindly note that there is a limit of places. Thus, the order of applications counts.

Short description of the workshop:

The population of the world faces many different forms of oppression, both on global, national, regional and local levels. As an effect of various social, political, economic, or historical aspects, certain power inequalities arose within societies and formed unjust social hierarchies. As a result, the oppressed groups are exposed to various forms of discrimination – regarding gender, ethnicity, religion, health (both physical and mental), class, sexual orientation and many others.

  • Our workshop will focus on the intersectionality of discrimination– on situations when certain people might face many forms of oppression at once;
  • Based on the theory of intersectionality (Kimberlé Crenshaw, Patricia Hill Collins, bell hooks and many others), as well as on Mary Douglas’ social anthropology, we will try to find cases of multi-level discrimination and work on the possibly deepest understanding of the problems;
  • We will talk about which groups in Poland are at risk of exclusion and discrimination and what causes this situation;
  • Through working in diverse groups we will try to create multicultural models of fighting chosen forms of oppression and exchange our ideas within the workshop.

Brief information about our workshop leaders:

Izabela Małgorzata Rećko, PhD – social scientist and (e-)communications specialists. Anthropologist, Philosopher, Traveler, Teacher and University Lecturer (incl. agile methodologies and practices, design thinking, digital anthropology and research, AI ethics, cultural anthropology, anthropology of gender and sexuality, philosophy and cognitive science, psychology). Director of a few fields of study at Collegium Civitas; including Digital Society: Transformation and Research.

Adam Konopka – sociologist and linguist, lecturer in the Department of Sociology of Collegium Civitas, former anti-discrimination trainer in the fields of migration and multi-culturalism. Specializes in issues like birth control politics, memory politics, and migration discourses.

Please note that you cannot join the workshop at any time. We kindly ask you to be on time and report any delay to the workshop at least one day in advance – we don’t want to disturb the group work process.

Benefits of attending the workshop:

🔹 possibility of obtaining a discount on tuition fees for active student activities (we will prepare certificates for people who participated in the entire workshop – 7 hours);

🔹 learn about various theories related to intersectionality;

🔹 valuable work experience in an international group;

🔹 the possibility to meet and integrate with colleagues on the last day of classes this academic year;

🔹 one more chance to consume cookies together 

Participation in the workshop is free, however, registration is required via the form:

Applications are accepted until June 23, 2022, by noon.

Please attach to the form the completed permission to use your image.

The template of this permit was sent to your student e-mail addresses.


Workshop under the project “Kierunek? Polska!” („Direction? Poland!”) financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Welcome to Poland Programme.

The project aims to:

🔹 Building/expanding knowledge about certain aspects of life in Poland, exchange of experiences between participants, looking at different perspectives, solutions, or views prevailing in other countries/cultures;

🔹 Integrating the student community and providing a platform for discussion on topics related to belonging to different cultures.

In case of any questions please feel free to contact me at