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We offer degrees in information analysis, security, cybersecurity and the fight against terrorism, all of which will be particularly interesting for people who plan to work as information analysts in public administration, the civil service, analytics centres and business. Courses cover, amongst others, methodology and techniques for information analysis, the planning and organization of work for analytics teams, system analyses of crises and conflicts, risk analysis, and strategic studies.

Collegium Civitas boasts the Centre for the study of Terrorism and the Institute for Information Analysis, each being the only one of its type in Poland.

Key points:

  • The faculty has lecturers who are professionally associated with the work of the uniformed services and the prevention of crime, lawyers, experts on security and the fight against international terrorism, and analysts with foreign teaching experience. These include Dr Krzysztof Liedel, Prof. Tomasz Aleksandrowicz, Paulina Piasecka, Andrzej Mroczek, Grzegorz Cieślak, Dariusz Piotrowicz, Witold Lewandowski, Tomasz Serafin, Sławomir Kosieliński, and Piotr Caliński.
  • In class students learn to use analytical tools and acquire practical knowledge to conduct risk assessment on a micro and macro scale. In so doing they will be able to analyse the phenomena that affect the stability and security of organizations and companies from different sectors of the economy, as well as the functioning of the state.



Bachelor’s degree (licencjat)

Master’s degree (magister)



Stosunki międzynarodowe/International Relations:

Bezpieczeństwo międzynarodowe / International Security Studies



International Relations:

International Security Studies

Strategic Peace and Conflict Studies






Collegium Civitas Admissions Office
phone: +48 508 929 652

room 1210, Palace of Culture and Science, 12th floor
1 Defilad Square, 00-901 Warsaw


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