Sociology, culture and art

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Our degree programmes in this field allow the student to deepen their knowledge of the surrounding world, discover social phenomena and processes, and learn how to take advantage of culture and art at work. Diverse themes will be tackled throughout the student’s course of study: the impact of policies on society; demographic phenomena and developments; social medicine; social criminogenic phenomena; urban planning; the development of art in different historical periods; the specificity of trade in luxury goods; the functioning of social structures and the formation of institutions; the development of interpersonal relationships; the resolution of problems and social conflicts; and models of effective communication.

Key points:

  • Our lecturers comprise academics of many years’ standing, authors of numerous publications, and specialists in sociological theories, social research, cultural sociology, ethnic minorities, art, and contemporary culture: Jadwiga Koralewicz, Prof. Stanisław Mocek, Prof. Ewa Nowicka-Rusek, Prof. Jan Pakulski, Prof. Hanna Palska, Prof. Rafał Pankowski, Prof. Paweł Ruszkowski, Prof. Jan Skórzyński, Prof. Stanisław Faliński, Dr Małgorzata Budyta-Budzyńska, Dr Xymena Bukowska, Dr Katarzyna Iwińska, Dr Barbara Markowska-Marczak, Dr Marta Sałkowska, Dr Stefania Bernini, Dr Robert Sobiech, Dr Natalia Ryabinska, Dr Sergiusz Trzeciak, Dr Marek Troszyński, Dr Jacek Bieliński, Dr Michał Bardel, Dr Krzysztof Kasianiuk, and Dr Grzegorz Makowski, as well as psychologists, employees from public health institutions, and specialists in prophylaxis, addictions and diseases of affluence.
  • Choosing a degree programme in this field will give you the skills and knowledge to function and communicate effectively in different cultural circles and multicultural social groups.
  • Certain degree courses in Sociology, Culture, Art will enable the student to discover the specificity of the art and luxury goods trade, and to gain experience in the evaluation of works of art.

Upon successful completion of their course, graduates will be well-prepared to commence work in research centres, social services, the media, public life, or cultural centres.








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