How can we help Ukraine?

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Many people ask the question what can we do to help Ukraine? At Collegium Civitas we established a special Fund and Contact Point. We also present a list of organizations collecting donations and other suggestions on how you can help Ukraine.


Collegium Civitas established a special Fund to Help Students and Employees of Collegium Civitas from Ukraine and their Families. We would like to ask all of you who are ready to financially support this initiative for your contributions to the dedicated Collegium Civitas bank account: PL77 2490 0005 0000 4600 6882 6942.

Please, note that we do not collect material help (items such as clothes or medical supplies) at Collegium Civitas, there are at the moment over 20 points in Warsaw that collect charity donations in form of supplies established by the City of Warsaw: and NGOs, among them:

Polish Humanitarian Action:

Polish Medical Mission:

Caritas Poland:


Information in English for Refugees from Ukraine:

Information in Polish and Ukrainian for Refugees from Ukraine as well as coordination of help: 


1/ If you have friends or acquaintances from Ukraine, ask directly – can you help, what help they need, because each situation may be individual.

2/ Do not be fooled by Russian propaganda, do not be a victim of disinformation – turn on critical thinking, verify information in various sources.

3/ Show support by, for example, posting statements of solidarity with Ukraine, the Ukrainian flag on social media. The symbols are important.

4/ If you want to provide financial support – choose specific people you know and / or recognized non-governmental organizations. Remember that there may be various types of scammers trying to take advantage of someone else’s tragedy.

5/ Don’t panic! That’s what the aggressor wants – instill fear and panic around the world.