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In March 2023 Collegium Civitas was visited by Prof. Halim Nezihoglu from Suleyman Demirel University in Kazakhstan. The visit was organized under the Erasmus+ programme. Apart from a series of lectures and meetings, the Professor found time to give an interview to Radio Pałacc.

The Interview “Central Asia – a shared vision for an inclusive society” was focused on very complex political conditions in Central Asia that pertain to diverse societies, the complicated history of this region, and a strong need to build connections with Western countries through pro-European programmes such as the Erasmus+ Programme. The interview allows us to understand better changes in post-Soviet countries and the adaptation of their societies to new opportunities which emerged together with independence. The conversation showed how unique Central Asia is because of its diversity – visible in the number of ethnic groups. Further, it discussed the methods to create a shared vision of development in new political circumstances.
The interview with Prof. Halim Nezihoglu is available on Spotify on Radio Pałacc channel. We invite you to listen to the interview, available on RadioPalacc spotify.

More information about the visit by Prof. Nezihoglu: