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What our students say about Collegium Civitas?

“My time in Collegium Civitas was shaped by amazing colleagues that became friends and professors that became mentors. This university is a melting pot of people of different backgrounds that challenge not only your opinion, but the status quo of the world. With teachers, you develop personal relationships, they are all very approachable and amazing to learn from, but also to be challenged by students. What I learned there, was nothing less than arguing seemingly unarguable topics, understanding cultures and different points of views, and discovering the world of tomorrow. You leave Collegium Civitas with the same curiosity and the drive to change as you entered, but with getting all the tools in hand to actually move closer to achieving that.”

Cedric Lüders, Germany, Bachelor’s degree in International Relations


“Studying at Collegium Civitas, I feel that I am being encouraged to expand my knowledge interdisciplinary. The topics of the courses I am entitled to taking go way beyond my academic major. However, each one of them makes a valuable contribution broadening my outlook on the main subject of the studies. The attitude of professors is also worth paying a tribute to, as they always give valuable feedbacks and provide a space for discussion, so no opinions are left behind.”



Olena Bontia, Ukraine, Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and New Media


“What is outstanding about Collegium Civitas is the determination of the lecturers. Lecturers are not just lecturers, but they are also your friends. They value their students, they respect their opinions in class, they treat their students equally without any favour or discrimination and more, so they are determined to walk their students through the journey of academic excellence. The school has a modern, well-structured and equipped library where the students do their research, dissertation and assignments from. And lastly is not forgetting the non-teaching staff who are always taking care of the students’ welfare at any given chance. “


Loise Wachira, Kenya, Master’s degree in International Security Studies


“I am very glad to be as a Master’s degree student at Collegium Civitas University and proud that I was chosen by Collegium Civitas to be one of the candidates from Central Asian countries supported by the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission. Collegium Civitas, it is the right university, where you can find different target fields for Media, Marketing, Journalism, Management, and not only… I much appreciate learning International Relations, Diplomacy and Security Studies by Professors of different fields, because attending these classes you may learn for specific field of knowledge, the field of geography and a good atmosphere among multicultural student communities from different parts of the world.”

Sultanali Malabaev, Kyrgyzstan, Master’s degree in International Security Studies


“Collegium Civitas has definitely allowed me to get out of my comfort zone! Contributing to lectures and expressing our opinions on the topics we study is not just an option, it is highly encouraged. Professors have been extremely flexible and ready to adapt to the needs of the class. The best part for me has been sharing best practices and knowledge with fellow students. The international groups, formed by people from all around the world, have been key to broaden my horizons and gain perspective on my studies. I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my Erasmus exchange.”


Laura Pérez, Spain, University of Malta, Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Erasmus+ at Collegium Civitas


“Collegium Civitas sets a benchmark for a great learning experience. The way the professors conduct the lectures are exceptionally good. Also, the off-campus activities made me feel comfortable with the university. The most important thing is during the pandemic of COVID-19 the way the online classes were set up to be great. The approach of professors and the support of the administration staff never made me feel as if I am attending online lectures, with each and every lecture conducted with such great enthusiasm it clearly taught me that learning never stops!”


Gaurav Joshi, India, Master’s degree in International Relations


“I am happy because of my right decision to study at Collegium Civitas. After one year studying here, I learned a lot about social media, marketing, sociology, and research. My professors are very friendly, willing to give me advice, try to help me as much as they can when I have any questions in and after class. Besides studying, I also enjoyed our university’s activities where I can meet new friends, discover new different cultures and places. All these things make my life more exciting. I consider Collegium Civitas is a Friendly- Dynamic- Multicultural environment.”


Mo Du Thi, Vietnam, Master’s degree in Social Media Management and Digital Commerce


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