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31.03.2024 is the deadline to apply for Rector’s scholarships for the best students. Please submit your applications along with all required documents and your representation: via email as a scan to the following address:

Rector’s scholarships for the best students (granted per semester)

Under the Rules and Regulations, a Rector’s scholarship for the best students may be granted to a student who obtained:

  • high grade point average of no less than 4.5
  • outstanding sporting achievements in international or national competitions, or
  • has academic or artistic achievements

Maintenance grants (granted per academic year)

Granted to students of full-time and part-time programmes. A maintenance grant may be granted to a student experiencing a financial hardship if the average monthly income per person in the student’s family does not exceed PLN 1294,4 since 01.10.2024, PLN 1570 since 01.10.2025 net.

A student of a full-time programme experiencing financial hardship may receive a higher maintenance grant on grounds of living in a hall of residence or a facility other than a hall of residence if their daily commute from their place of permanent residence to CC made it impossible or significantly more difficult for them to study

Special scholarships for persons with disabilities (granted per academic year)

The scholarship may be granted to every student with a disability as certified by a competent authority.

Financial support

Financial support may be granted to a student temporarily experiencing financial hardship due to force majeure.

Erasmus+ scholarships

For Erasmus+ scholarships please check:


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