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If you wish to pursue your passion, gain in-depth knowledge, meet people who have the same interest as you, and become a member of one of our student organizations. Our students are very active and there are a lot of things happening at Collegium Civitas after classes. Find out more about student organizations operating in Collegium Civitas.


We are the voice and heart of the Collegium Civitas academic community, representing the interests of students in contacts with the University Authorities and Administrative Departments. We operate in accordance with the Study Regulations and the Collegium Civitas Student Council Regulations. Our members engage in organizing various events, advocating for students’ rights, providing information about university life, and organizing parties, competitions, conferences, and Juwenalia, which are an important part of student life in the capital.

Within the structure of the Student Council, we operate in six departments:

  • Projects Department
  • Promotion and Social Media Department
  • Law Department
  • HR Department
  • Culture Department
  • International Department

Meet the current composition of the Student Government Board:

  • Board Chair – Alina Palamarchuk
  • Vice-Chair of the Board – Lizaveta Krupiankova
  • Board Secretary, Coordinator for non-stationary students – Natalia Skorupa
  • Board Treasurer – Wiktoria Wiśniewska
  • Board Member, Coordinator for Ukrainian students – Anastasiia Blyzniuk
  • Board Member, Coordinator for international students – Diana Prushynska

CC Student Council
Palace of Culture and Science, Collegium Civitas, room in the corridor near the Aula C

Find more information and all the latest news here:


Our university created the Integration Support Team to support new international students in their transition in our CC family.

How does it work?  

Each new student from abroad can get a Buddy (Collegium Civitas student), which will provide all necessary information about the university and Warsaw, and help with different issues (finding accommodation, Polish administration, public transport, etc.). It is a person you can grab a cup of coffee with and talk about life.

If you feel like you don’t need a student to help, our team also organises many integration events, such as city tours, dinners, journeys to different cities and more!

After two years of existence, more than 200 students have joined the Buddy Program, assistance was provided for more than 100 international students, and many integration events were organised!

If you are interested in broadening your horizon, meeting new people, improving your language skills and exploring new cultures, join the Program to create an unforgettable year full of memories!

For more information, please contact us at:


Within the Sociology Science Club, we create a space where a passion for delving into the social sciences meets active engagement in academic and social life. This is a place where discussions and a scientific approach to the surrounding reality open doors to a deeper understanding of contemporary challenges. Membership in the club is not only an opportunity to participate in academic life, but also a chance for personal and professional development through involvement in various activities.

The meetings and workshops organized by the Club are an ideal opportunity to expand one’s scientific knowledge. These gatherings, prepared with our university colleagues in mind, serve not only to share knowledge but also to inspire reflection and discussion on current social issues.

Selected activities of the Club include:

  • Participation in the study by Dr. Jacek Bieliński titled “Marketized Mentality”
  • A series of seminars ” What’s the Purpose of War?”
  • A series of podcasts “How Is It?”
  • A meeting titled “The Road to Doctorate”

We encourage everyone, regardless of their level of expertise in sociology, to join our Club. It is a unique opportunity to develop scientific passions, exchange experiences with other sociology enthusiasts, and actively participate in academic life. Being active in the Sociology Science Club opens doors to acquiring new skills, meeting people with similar interests, and engaging in initiatives that can have a real impact on the reality around us. We invite you to join us in discovering how the social sciences can contribute to a better understanding and shaping of the world around us.


Social Media:


Hey hey hey!
Are you looking for a platform to express your opinion on some hot and relevant topics?
Do you want to increase your chances of acceptance for a master’s degree program in Europe or in the United States?
Would you like to improve your public speaking ​and research skills in English?
Introducing Collegium Civitas Debating Society – a novel and inspiring organization proudly founded & led by students like you.
Join us and take part in a series of real Oxford Union-style debates on a diverse ​range of topics.
The supervisor of the organisation is Dr Kerry Longhurst.
Below is a link to the group on the MS Team, which you can join to find out more about our organisation:


The aim of the student organization “European Ukraine” is to integrate Ukrainian students and promote cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union. We want our activities to serve as an inspiration for developing skills, fostering collaboration, and engaging in new endeavors for Ukrainians studying in Poland.

Our motto is “Together towards a better European future.” We operate by actively participating in academic life, organizing meetings, cultivating interests, collaborating with other student organizations, and promoting our objectives during conferences and discussions.

The board of the student organization “European Ukraine” consists of:
Chairman – Yurii Dmytryshyn
Vice Chairwoman – Marta Radio
Secretary – Oleksandra Vovk
Social Media Coordinator – Anzhelika Hrabovetska

Follow us on social media to stay updated on our activities!



Concilium Civitas brings together Polish scholars of social sciences (sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, economists, historians) working at leading foreign universities. Students can also join in the creation of this initiative and debate the most important political events in Poland, Europe and the world. The Embassy of Concilium Civitas begins its activity in October 2019 in the form of optional classes, which are open to every Collegium Civitas student.

The main goal of the ASA is to integrate the academic community of Collegium Civitas and to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Both students and employees of Collegium Civitas can participate in regular training as part of ASA activity.


  • President: Orhan Ikizogullari
  • Natalia Piętka
  • Weronika Wardzyńska

We warmly invite you and at the same time encourage you to fill in the declaration and pay the annual membership fee:

From January 3, 2024, the contribution is PLN 140 per academic year.



The theatre was established in February 2002. The theatre is co-created by students, graduates and students of the University of the Third Age. To mark the 20th anniversary of the university, the group staged a performance entitled “Birthday”, and in the academic year 2017/2018 it put on a play inspired by the history of the Palace of Culture and Science, entitled “PEKIN”. Both plays can be seen on the university website and the YouTube CC channel. Currently, CC Theater is led by Ms. Agnieszka Korytkowska-Mazur – director, theater specialist, culture expert, scriptwriter, producer and editor.


The scientific database for students was set up to enable students to extend their knowledge on interdisciplinary topics beyond curricular requirements, including topics such as international relations and diplomacy. The database is mainly intended to support the comprehensive development of Collegium Civitas, in particular its social, informational, cultural, scientific and educational activities, in order to make countries regardless of their interests or views.


The radio was established to help students who wish to gain valuable experience not only in the area of journalism but also in the field of marketing, editorial management or recording. Innovative approaches to the media, broadening students’ horizons, practical experience and continuous personal development – these are the main aspects that we focus on. On the PAŁACC radio everyone can find something for themselves – regardless of their interests or views. In a straightforward manner! With no barriers! For everyone!


Our Student association was created from the need for development and self-improvement. We combine theory and practice. Play our favorite game with us (Excel), discover people’s needs (trend lectures, ways of communication) and learn how to convince them to buy your product (marketing lectures).


Since the 2004/2005 academic year, Collegium Civitas has been working with the ARS CANTATA choir, which brings together enthusiasts of the art of singing.


The student club Societas Internationalis aims to bring together students who wish to pursue international relations.

The main ideas of SI are the popularization of knowledge in the field of international relations, international and regional security, geopolitics, multiculturalism and issues of the surrounding world. We intend to bring these topics closer to the public by participating in scientific conferences, conducting scientific research, and cooperating with organizations with similar goals that guide the work of Societas Internationalis.



The Scientific Circle Collegium Procuratio is an organization bringing together students from various fields who share a common passion for management and its development. The main goal of the circle is to promote and foster an entrepreneurial attitude among the academic community. We organize and participate in various charity events to show support to those in need.

Our activities are carried out through organizing interesting events, participating in conferences, and meeting with specialists and practitioners from the industry. Collegium Procuratio provides the opportunity to implement one’s own ideas and projects, stimulates creative thinking, enhances collaboration skills, and shapes competencies that will certainly be useful in future professional work.

The circle is composed of individuals who support each other every step of the way, engage in various initiatives, maintain proper communication within and outside the circle, and do not limit themselves to one field. In addition to management, we also develop in areas such as finance, HR, and marketing. We also value diplomacy and international relations.

We adhere to the principle of “learning by doing.” We learn through practice, we are not afraid to make mistakes, and we embrace new challenges.

So far, we have successfully implemented projects such as:

  • Amnesty International Marathon – Letter Writing Marathon aimed at raising awareness about human rights and offering the opportunity to have a real impact on the situation of individuals whose rights have been violated. For two days, there was a special booth at our university where letters could be sent regarding specific individuals.
  • Collection of material donations for the Paluch Shelter – a collection of necessary items for animals from the Paluch Shelter.
  • 2nd Edition of Marrow Donor Day – DKMS – encouraging students to register with the DKMS Foundation as potential bone marrow donors and educating them on this topic.

We are a dynamically developing circle where every participant is eager to act, broaden their horizons of knowledge, and gain experience!

Board Members:

Chairman: Bartłomiej Przybysz

Vice-Chairpersons: Weronika Zarębska, Jakub Dziemiańczyk

Marketing Coordinator: Katarzyna Zwierzyńska

International Department Coordinator: Emilia Chudy

Circle Supervisor: Izabela Szlaska


Join Collegium Procuratio and spread your wings with us!

We also encourage you to contact us via email at

We are waiting for YOU!


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