The Research Ethics Committee

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The Research Ethics Committee at Collegium Civitas serves an advisory and consultative role in ensuring that research and research projects conducted at Collegium Civitas meet ethical scientific standards.  

It reviews and provides advice on projects and research concepts conducted as part of doctoral theses, post-doctoral qualifications, staff members’ work, statutory tasks, grants, and subsidies obtained from internal or external funding sources. These are associated with risks to the physical or mental health of participants, the risk of violating their privacy, or causing them other social or legal losses, including research projects involving personal data and matters of teaching. 

To submit a research project or a single issue for review by the Committee, it is necessary to fill out the appropriate form for the Committee’s opinion on research ethics at Collegium Civitas (available for download below) and send it in electronic form to or submit it in paper form to the Department for Research Support.

Committee members – term 2023-2027: 

  1. Dr. hab. Natalya Ryabińska, Prof. CC – Committee Chairwoman
  2. Dr. Katarzyna Kalinowska-Sinkowska – Deputy Chairwoman of the Committee
  3. Prof. Dr. hab. Marek Cichocki
  4. Dr. hab. Izabela Wagner
  5. Dr. Kerry Longhurst
  6. Dr. Agnieszka Nitza-Makowska
  7. Dr. Marek Troszyński

For applicants:



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