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Since you have a chance to study in the most renowned and intriguing building in the vibrant city of Warsaw, why not take advantage of all the facilities that the Palace of Culture and Science has to offer to its visitors. Let’s take a look of what is available on the site!

Swimming pool

Enjoy the tranquility of water and stay fit, go swimming before or after classes. The pool is open till late evening.

Kinoteka, six-screen cinema

This is a very special place that every cinema lover will appreciate. Kinoteka combines the traditions and atmosphere of the post-war era in Warsaw with the highest standards of modern cinema. In its large-scale socialist-realist screening rooms, you can watch the most current movies from around the world.

Four Theatres

If you become fascinated by Polish culture and you wish to master your Polish, you will go to the theatres. And there are no less than four of them in the Palace of Culture and Science – 6 Piętro, Dramatyczny, Studio and Lalka.

Museum of Evolution

Discover a world from a different perspective. The museum exhibits the development of life on Earth, emphasizing terrestrial vertebrates. Here you can see original dinosaur bones discovered during the Polish-Mongolian expeditions to the Gobi Desert. You can also explore reconstructions of vertebrates from the unique cemetery of Mesozoic reptiles and amphibians in Krasiejewo (Opole province), and a fascinating model of an African Australopithecus.

Museum of Technology

The museum exhibits follow the development of technology since its historical beginnings to the modern day. It houses models of airplanes, train engines, ships and warships, and many more attractions.

Congress Hall

The most famous concert hall in Poland, it features 2,800 seats on three levels and it is equipped with balconies, stall boxes and adjoining break-out halls. The hall has hosted a variety of stars, including the legendary Marlena Dietrich, rock and roll icons such as Procol Harum and the Rolling Stones, and piano diva Tori Amos. Hundreds of jazz concerts have taken place in the Congress Hall, attracting thousands of fans from all over the world.

Restaurant and coffee bars

Café Kulturalna – a hip and trendy place, where you can eat delicious food at reasonable prices, listen to jazz concerts, and hang out with friends. Prices vary from 2 to 8 euros. A unique, bohemian atmosphere distinguishes this place from other small restaurants. If you come here once you will definitely come back for more great food and cultural events. Trojka Restaurant – a rather old-fashioned venue, it lacks the vibrant atmosphere of Café Kulturalna, but the food is decent and prices affordable. A delicious two-course lunch will cost only about PLN 25.

Post office

Overwhelmed with the diversity of the Palace of Culture and Science? Why not a send a postcard from this fantastic place to your family and friends, to say “hi” from Warsaw and invite them to visit you at the nearest occasion? The post office is also one the facilities available in Palace of Culture and Science.

Inside Collegium Civitas:

Collegium Civitas Library
[Check the offer]

E-mail and telephone contact is possible
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Tel.: 22 656 71 96


On-line catalogue:
The library holds reference materials, journals, books and major Polish newspapers.

Computers and the Internet

The computer lab, which provide high-speed Internet access and other computing services, is open to all our students. Our IT staff is always present to offer assistance. Those who prefer to use their own laptops can enjoy a wi-fi connection throughout Collegium Civitas. There are also numerous internet cafes located all over the city.


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