The Bronisław Komorowski Centre for Political Practice at Collegium Civitas

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According to the Collegium Civitas (CC) Senate Resolution no. 267 of 24 September 2015, signed by the Chair of the CC Senate Prof. Stanisław Mocek on the basis of par. 16 point 11, in relation to par. 25, s. 1, point 4 and point 9 of the CC Statute, the CC Senate has submitted a positive opinion on the Rector’s motion to create a new university department called the Bronisław Komorowski Centre for Political Practice at Collegium Civitas.

On 1 October the Bronisław Komorowski Centre for Political Practice began work at Collegium Civitas. The Rector, Prof. Stanisław Mocek, subsequently appointed Mr Komorowski as its director. The idea for this institution is based on the observation that over the 25 years of Poland’s freedom and sovereignty, we have benefited from the knowledge and experience of people who have occupied the highest functions of state—presidents, prime ministers, ministers and parliamentary deputies—to a negligible degree. The Centre for Political Practice will be the first such initiative in Poland, taking advantage of the experience of President Komorowski in the sphere of domestic and foreign policies, but also from the experience of other representatives of political life in Poland and abroad in order to disseminate knowledge about the mechanisms of democracy among the students and teaching staff at Collegium Civitas.

Policy in action as depicted by President Komorowski and his guests will reveal to students a different, more interesting view of policy than what the traditional and new media may report. It is also worth emphasizing that the notion of political theory supported by practical knowledge constitutes one of the principles underlying the foundation of Collegium Civitas. Bringing in the unique knowledge of President Bronisław Komorowski to our university’s academic and civic mission—knowledge acquired primarily in the past five years, but also throughout the entire period of his activity in the public sphere—can play a significant role in the process of democratic education of the younger generation.

President Bronislaw Komorowski will give lectures to students primarily specializing in Journalism and New Media, as well as a selection of students from other subjects at Collegium Civitas.

Lectures will focus on topics related to key events in Poland, the region and the world from both a contemporary and historical perspective. The adopted format of activities in the department will comprise the participation of people with practical experience in the performance of public functions who can share these experiences with students. In other words, according to this format, guests will be invited to talk about a proposed subject. We believe that today’s world-class education means, amongst others, the ability to put our students into direct contact with people who actually participate in the most important economic and political events. During classes at Collegium Civitas our students will be able to ask questions to current politicians or those who have until recently carried out key functions in the state.



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