The Władysław Bartoszewski Chair Collegium Civitas

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The Władysław Bartoszewski Chair Collegium Civitas

On 1 October 2015, during the inauguration of the academic year at Collegium Civitas (CC), it was announced that the newly created CC Władysław Bartoszewski Chair would commence work. Prof. Stanisław Mocek handed over the nominations for the posts of Chair Directors to Prof. Alexandra Richie and Prof. Władysław T. Bartoszewski.

The purpose of creating such a department within the university was to establish a lasting commemoration of the work and message of Władysław Bartoszewski, himself being a witness and participant of the greatest events in Europe and the world in the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. This will be done primarily by conducting educational activities and research relating to the following fields: issues associated with totalitarian and authoritarian systems; the theme of reaching agreement; dialogue; reconciliation between nations and states in the countries and regions of Europe and beyond; and the historical and humanist heritage of European social and political thought.

This department will function autonomously within the framework of the university. The late Władysław Bartoszewski’s family will have the final say over matters regarding the Chair’s activity in consultation with the university authorities. Collegium Civitas will assist the department logistically and organizationally, as well as providing promotional support.
The Chair will collaborate with a number of national and international institutions whose representatives may sit in specially convened program/research councils.

Objectives will be met through the following actions:

– The creation of scholarships for research students and postgraduate students from various domestic and foreign universities;

– The development of research projects and the competitive selection of “Władysław Bartoszewski Chair” laureates;

– The creation of educational programs, especially in the context of lifelong learning;

– The running of international summer schools and exchange programs for secondary school as well as university students;

– The annual distribution of the Władysław Bartoszewski Prize for the best book in the field of international relations and diplomacy.

Chair Members:

  • Prof. Władysław T. Bartoszewski,
  • Prof. Alexandra Richie,
  • Prof. Michał Komar,
  • Prof. Stanisław Mocek,
  • Dr. Marcin Barcz





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