Dialogue About Radicalisation and Equality (DARE)

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DARE is a project funded under the HORIZON 2020 programme, led by the University of Manchester. Paweł Kuczyński, PhD, coordinates project activities on behalf of Collegium Civitas.

DARE aims to significantly increase understanding of why and how young people become radicalised and our capacity to effectively counter radicalisation. It does this through integrating research, policy and practice objectives in a three stage process of:

1) critical review of existing knowledge, policy and interventions in radicalisation and counter-radicalisation;

2) generation of new empirical research on young people’s encounters with, and responses to, messages and agents of radicalisation; and

3) integration of research findings to develop, pilot and evaluate two educational toolkits and a deradicalisation programme evaluation tool to enhance the effectiveness of counter-radicalisation interventions.


Project website: https://www.dare-h2020.org/

Report: “Young people’s trajectories through anti-Islam(ist) and extreme right milieus: Country level report – Poland. Radical football fans” (Paweł Kuczyński, Rafał Pankowski, Przemysław Witkowski)

Through its focus on Islamist and anti-Islam(ist) radicalisation DARE addresses both ‘religious fundamentalism’ and ‘violence and hate crime’ dimensions of the topic call and explores how radicalisation processes interact to produce cumulative effects. It takes as its focus young people as a group that is targeted by recruiters and conventionally understood to be receptive to radicalism. DARE’s primary concern is to address the long term social roots and effects of radicalisation and to engage young people themselves in countering radicalisation through its, innovative, attention to non-radicalisation alongside radicalisation trajectories. The DARE Consortium brings together academic and civil society organisations to ensure integration of its academic, policy and practice elements and includes members from 9 EU and 4 non-EU countries. Collegium Civitas is a partner in the project.


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