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Project financed by European Commission within the frames of Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

To stimulate and increase the participation of EU citizens in the 2019 European Parliament elections and knowledge and understanding of current and future EU policies, an innovative web platform that informs voters on and connects voters with their current representatives or new candidates, EU policies and other voters will be created.

The objectives and outputs of the platform include to:

  • Connect: allow EU citizens and organisations to create a public profile where they can include their opinions on the EP political and legislative process. The platform will also include profiles of MEP (current or running as candidates) created by collecting information on their latest available positions.
  • Share: promote debates and discussions on the EP political and legislative process, by giving the opportunity to policymakers to post their initiatives and to EU citizens/organisations to propose changes.
  • Vote: allow EU citizens to compare their views with those of individual EU Parliamentarians that they have elected and find which MEP best represents their views.

A minimum of 100 organisations are expected to register at the platfrom and a minimum of 751 MEPs included.

The main aim of this project is to reach 1.000.000 citizens across the EU directly with our tools, and 10.000.000 through information multipliers (principally the media, but also national organisations involved in voter information and participation).

At the end of the project, an evaluation report on how to replicate this project will be produced. Also, the recommendations for increasing citizen and voter participation for the European Commission will be introduced.

The “YOU VOTE EU” project will be conducted from January 2018 to June 2019 by Collegium Civitas in cooperation with Associazione Riparte il futuro (Italy, the Project leader), VoteWatch Europe AISBL (Belgium), EUROPEAN CITIZEN ACTION SERVICE (Belgium) and Vouliwatch (Greece).


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